[gmx-developers] Merge enforced rotation branch into master

Rossen Apostolov rossen at kth.se
Tue Nov 16 20:08:55 CET 2010

Hi Carsten,

On 11/16/10 4:58 PM, Carsten Kutzner wrote:
> Hi,
> can I do a
> git checkout master; git merge release-4-5-patches; git push
> such that the master gets all the pending fixes from the
> 4.5 branch?
> When the master is up-to-date, I want to put the enforced
> rotation additions into the master branch.
> I have noticed that this looks a bit messy in gitk if I
> simply merge the rotation branch into the master due to lots
> of commits to the rotation branch over more than a year.
> If you prefer, I can also apply the changes as a patch
> to the master, resulting in a single commit. Afterwards,
> the rotation branch could be deleted.
It might look messy but it will preserve the history of your commits 
which is useful for debugging later, if needed. I would say do it as you 
suggest, i.e. master <- release-4.5-patches; master <- rotation ; check 
it and delete rotation (or keep it around for a while).


> Please let me know what you prefer.
> Carsten
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