[gmx-developers] [Patch] Gromacs 4.5.1 installs libraries to wrong directory on 64bit

Florian Dommert dommert at icp.uni-stuttgart.de
Thu Oct 7 14:31:15 CEST 2010

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On 10/07/2010 01:42 PM, Sander Pronk wrote:
> I'm not so sure about that: the actual library location is distribution and OS specific: rpm-based distributions appear to have all of their 64-bit libraries in /usr/lib64, while dpkg-based distributions have 64-bit libraries in /usr/lib. Mac OS has no /usr/lib64 at all, and OpenSolaris has /usr/lib/64. 
> Come to think of it, I don't think /usr/lib is the 'wrong path' at all: it may be wrong on some Linux distributions, but that's mostly a historical accident.
> Sander
> On 7 Oct 2010, at 11:30 , Klaus Kaempf wrote:
>> Hi,
>> building gromacs 4.5.1 rpm package with cmake fails on 64bit systems
>> due to a wrong install path.
>> Patch attached.
>> Klaus
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When talking about the GMXRC, I realized another strange thing. When I
source the GMXRC in my bashrc, the $MANPATH variable is overwritten and
just the gromacs mans can be accessed via man. I circumvent this now by
saving the $MANPATH before I source GMXRC and appending it afterwards.
Am I doing something wrong or is there a small bug in the script.


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