[gmx-developers] Gromacs bugtracking has been migrated to redmine

Rossen Apostolov rossen at kth.se
Thu Jan 6 15:56:02 CET 2011

Dear developers,

Happy New Year!

We've been discussing for a while moving away from Bugzilla and start 
using Redmine for bugtrcking and project management. The latter offers a 
richer platform that we hope will be more helpful for our collaborative 
efforts. It is now available at http://redmine.gromacs.org, and the old 
bugzilla server has been shutdown.

We've migrated as much of the original bugzilla information as possible. 
User accounts, bug history, file attachments are all ported. There is 
still work to be done on organizing and setup so please send us your 
comments and recommendations.

*IMPORTANT: *all user accounts on redmine.gromacs.org have a new 
default*password "redmine" !* (The original password hashes can not be 
migrated.) *Please login and change it as soon as you can! *Drop me a 
mail if you have any problems.

Note: with redmine it is possible to host multiple (could be unrelated) 
projects and sub-projects on the same site. At the moment project 
"Gromacs" is the top-level one that corresponds to what we had 
previously in bugzilla. "Bugs" are now referred to as "Issues". And you 
can browse the git repository directly too :)

The road will be probably a little bumpy with the new platform in the 
beginning but we're hoping for a smoother sail in future!


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