[gmx-developers] Minor CMAKE/fftw3 problem VS2010 x64 on release-4-6 branch

Christoph Junghans junghans at votca.org
Wed Feb 22 17:35:16 CET 2012

Am 22. Februar 2012 09:10 schrieb Mirco Wahab
<mirco.wahab at chemie.tu-freiberg.de>:
> Am 22.02.2012 16:42, schrieb Christoph Junghans:
>>> FFTW_INCLUDE_DIR:STRING=D:/Lib64/include
>>> FFTW_LIBRARY:STRING=D:/Lib64/lib/libfftwf-3.3.lib
>> Hmm, the "D" here make me nervous. I am not sure where does this comes
>> from.
>> And I guess that is the reason why it does not work automatically.
> OK, I started over "without" the drive designator:
>        FFTW_INCLUDE_DIR:STRING=/Lib64/include
>        FFTW_LIBRARY:STRING=/Lib64/lib/libfftw-3.3.lib
>        FFTW_INCLUDE_DIR_fftw3f:PATH=/Lib64/include
>        FFTW_LIBRARY_fftw3f:FILEPATH=/Lib64/lib/libfftw-3.3.lib
Sorry, I forgot on Windows, you have to put the drive designator:
Have you used "\" instead of "/" as a path separator, like

> Same result. CMake output as before:
>        checking for module 'fftw3f'
>          package 'fftw3f' not found
Ignore this two lines, as you don't have pkg-config on Windows (I guess).
>        Configuring done
>        Generating done
> Link dependencies for fftw3f (for md.lin) **are not generated**.
The problem here is, that if you set  FFTW_LIBRARY (or any other
variable) by hand cmake believes you without checking it again.

> After manually inserting them for "md" subproject in the devenv:
>  "Configuration Properties"->"Librarian"->"General":
>    "Additional Dependencies" = "libfftwf-3.3.lib"
>    "Additional Library Directories"->"D:\Lib64\lib",
> gromacs builds ok.
> Thanks & regards
> M.
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