[gmx-developers] Minor CMAKE/fftw3 problem VS2010 x64 - finally solved

Mirco Wahab mirco.wahab at chemie.tu-freiberg.de
Tue Feb 28 01:17:10 CET 2012

Am 28.02.2012 00:58, schrieb Roland Schulz:
> I know almost nothing about Windows DLL linking. So I don't quite
> understand what your saying and assume you're right. But somehow I got
> it working without this FFTW_DLL. See here:
> http://jenkins.gromacs.org/job/Gromacs_Gerrit_4_6/405/OPTIONS=Compiler=msvc%20CompilerVersion=2010%20host=bs_Win7_64,label=bs_Win7_64/consoleFull
> Thus I'm confused why you need it.

Yes, this seems to work. But does anybody know where
this very fftw3f lib comes from? Is the library a dll
compiled with VS2010? Or mingw64-compiled and
converted afterwards?

The out-of-the-box header file [fftw3.h] states:
    71 /* IMPORTANT: for Windows compilers, you should add a line
    72 */
    73 #define FFTW_DLL
    74 /*
    75    here and in kernel/ifftw.h if you are compiling/using FFTW as a
    76    DLL, in order to do the proper importing/exporting, or
    77    alternatively compile with -DFFTW_DLL or the equivalent
    78    command-line flag. This is not necessary under MinGW/Cygwin, where
    79    libtool does the imports/exports automatically. */

I had once a mingw-fftw3 - but it was slow and I didn't manage
to get it multithreaded, so I tried a native build (works faster).

Thanks and regards


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