[gmx-developers] suggestion: announce projects & GSOC 2013

Szilárd Páll szilard.pall at cbr.su.se
Sun Mar 3 16:45:56 CET 2013


I have a suggestion with the aim of trying to gather more momentum around
the GROMACS project. This would require identifying as many as possible
independent projects/topics related to GROMACS. Here I am referring to both
scientific (be it theoretical, computer science, or computational) as well
as software engineering, parallel programming and code tuning oriented. I
think it should not be hard to come up with a dozen or more relatively
independent topics and write up a short description of each. Now, the goal
should be to post these projects on the website and advertise them
everywhere: mailing lists (FB, G+, whatnot). When it comes to the Stockholm
team and perhaps other academic core-devs, some of the projects
could/should be flagged as possible masters/PhD projects and advertising
them accordingly could lead to a lot of interest from great candidates.

Additionally, the Google Summer of Code (http://www.google
-melange.com/gsoc/homepage/google/gsoc2013) is coming up and I think that
would be a *great* opportunity to get talented people to work on
challenging software engineering tasks or even parallel programming aspects
like GPU programming (e.g OpenCL?). If you have a look at GSOC2012 (
http://goo.gl/8bh9v) you'll see that there are plenty of scientific
projects from quite high profile groups (e.g CERN, Open Bioinformatics
Foundation, OpenCV).

In the spirit of making GROMACS more distributed, we invite developers
(preferably core/experienced ones) to suggest topics as well as to
volunteer in managing such projects. This way we could make sure to always
have many small/medium/large projects available for interested people
without having to manage all of them ourselves (i.e Sthlm crew) in a
centralized and monolithic manner.

As a kick off I created a page on the wiki, I suggest we should put here
both guidelines,project description, contact/responsible information, etc:

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