[gmx-developers] xdrfile (in Matlab): read_trr returns exdrINT not exdrENDOFFILE

Jon Kapla jon.kapla at mmk.su.se
Thu Apr 24 10:55:07 CEST 2014


I've created some wrapper functions in Matlab for reading and writing 
.xtc and .trr files using the xdrfile library and loadlibrary/calllib in 
Matlab. Everything seems to work, but I've noticed one thing that bugs 
me a bit. Looping over a .xtc file the read_xtc function returns 
exdrENDOFFILE when the file ends, but the read_trr function seems to 
return exdrINT. Is this behaviour intended?

I've never programmed c myself, so bare with me if the question is dumb. :)

Jon Kapla


Jon Kapla
   Division of Physical Chemistry
   Dept. of Materials and Environmental Chemistry (MMK)
   Arrhenius Laboratory
   Stockholm University
   SE-106 91 Stockholm
Pos:    PhD Student
Phone:  +46 8 16 11 79 (office)
Phone:  +46 70 304 19 89 (cell)
E-mail: jon.kapla at mmk.su.se
Web:    http://www.mmk.su.se/~jonk

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