[gmx-developers] Patch bonanza at gerrit. How to merge all that stuff?

Erik Lindahl erik.lindahl at gmail.com
Fri Jul 24 01:09:18 CEST 2015

Hi David!

5.1 is closed since Mark released the beta, only direct bug-fixes go there!

There are two categories of C++ stuff:

1) Mere translation of old C files, but fixing them to be C++-compliant and avoid all warnings with the c++ static analyzer and cppcheck. These changes can touch several files, but the do not change any functionality and should be very easy to review. The main reason for these bulk moves is to make it possible to do more real C++ translation (which we can’t do when there are still C files that also need to use the functionality).

2) Teemu’s refactorization. This is real C++ stuff :-) Unfortunately I haven’t done as much there, but I’m working on it…

As for patches in general, I think we should stop thinking in terms of changes that “must” go in any particular release (or date) - as people review things we’ll eventually get to states where several developers think a change is ready to go in, and that’s when it happens. That per se is a strong incentive to write shorter changes (which I should know, since some of the large ones are my fault…)



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Subject:  [gmx-developers] Patch bonanza at gerrit. How to merge all that stuff?  


it seems like Erik and Teemu are working on a big C++ overhaul of many  
low level and old code. This is great and long overdue. However, the  
amount of patches is rather overwhelming, there are more than 100 open  
patches from 2015 in gerrit right now, and many patches are related to  
each other.  

Is there a way that we can facilitate merging patches without  
jeopardizing quality of the commits? For instance it is not trivial  
where one should start commenting? How do we decide what goes into 5.1  
and what doesn't or has that been decided already?  

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