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Mark Abraham mark.j.abraham at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 16:00:11 CEST 2016

Hi GROMACS people!

You may be interested in some upcoming events related to GROMACS, both to
use and to develop code around. These come to you courtesy of the EU-funded
HPC Center of Excellence called BioExcel (http://bioexcel.eu/). We may also
have some other events next year, perhaps associated with the PRACE Spring
School in Stockholm, or later in Gottingen.

Details follow:

*4th Sept. 2016 - BioExcel 1st Annual Meeting: “Advanced Simulations for
Biomolecular Research” SIG @ ECCB 2016*

*Location:* The Hague, Netherlands

*Application deadline: *Friday 19th August 2016

Description: SIG BioExcel is a major venue for knowledge exchange and
networking for the computational biomolecular research community. It brings
together stakeholders of 1) core applications that are supported by the
center – HADDOCK (integrative modelling), GROMACS (molecular dynamics
simulations) and CPMD (hybrid QM/MM methods) and 2) workflow environments
and platforms for data integration and analysis such as Galaxy, Taverna,
Open PHACTS, COMPSs and Copernicus.

*Registration via www.eccb2016.org <http://www.eccb2016.org/>       *

*17-19th Oct. 2016 - GROMACS hackathon 2016*

*Location:* Barcelona, Spain

*Application deadline: *n/a

*Description:* Get together with core GROMACS developers from around the
world to hack together on code! Bring your own laptop and coding problem –
new integrator, fancy free-energy method, cool analysis tool, automated
parameterizer, workflow implementation, meta-dynamics driver, tricky bug to
fix, API design question, etc. Be ready to ask and answer questions with
the gurus, and come away with new code running, progressed or well planned!

*Full details and registration via bioexcel.eu/events

*20-21st Oct. 2016 - BioExcel: workflow training for computational
biomolecular research*

*Location:* Barcelona, Spain

*Application deadline:* Friday 9th September 2016

*Description:* The purpose of this workshop is to (1) provide an overview
of the most commonly used workflow managers in the computational
biomolecular field, both in a theoretical and practical way, with hands-on
practice sessions. (2) Find out about how BioExcel – Europe’s new Centre of
Excellence for Computational BioMolecular Research – will help you to
develop and run your own pipelines using these tools and introduce you to
the BioExcel Workflows Interest Group. (3) Together with experts on the
different workflow managers, identify the best approach for your particular
workflow problem in a “Bring Your Own Workflow” session

*Full details and registration via bioexcel.eu/events

Happy simulating!

Mark Abraham
GROMACS development manager
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