[gmx-developers] Questions for clean Gerrit submissions

Eric Irrgang ericirrgang at gmail.com
Sat Apr 1 00:32:06 CEST 2017

Hi folks,

I have a few questions about how to post prettier code submissions to
Gerrit. I hope you can help.

 * can/should Gerrit and Jenkins handle git submodules
   and be configured to `git pull --recurse-submodules`
   so that we don't have to include potentially useful supporting
   libraries in draft commits?

 * Is there a Gromacs convention for dealing with unused
   parameters in polymorphic methods to avoid compiler warnings
   and potential waste?

 * is there a way to keep uncrustify from wanting to mangle brace
    construction in constructor initializer lists? e.g. uncrustify wants
    to do this:
MyClass() :
    a_ {nullptr},
b_ {},
c_ {

Thank you for any enlightenment you can provide!
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