[gmx-developers] Contributing documentation

Eric Irrgang ericirrgang at gmail.com
Sun Mar 12 21:25:23 CET 2017

Hi Folks,

As I was trying to make sure I was using the right documentation
conventions for some things I'm working on, I started to prepare some
attempted clarifications to submit as a Gerrit change, but I realized I
didn't know enough yet.

I opened Redmine issue 2139 to collect feedback and suggestions before
proceeding to propose changes no one wants.

In particular, I was hoping to clarify the use of doxygen sections versus
groups as well as to look for ideas on how one might finagle doxygen to
more clearly note which API level each data structure or function is
exposed in. I'm not sure if doxygen generalizes the "tag"s it uses for
"private" and "inline" and such, or whether there is another easy way to
add a badge or text formatting to the documented entities.

If you have any thoughts, please let me know.

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