[gmx-developers] 2020.4 and 2021-beta1 releases

Earl Joseph Jordan ejjordan at kth.se
Fri Oct 2 17:43:49 CEST 2020

Hello there Gromacs developers,

We have all been working feverishly to get things in shape for the 2020.4 and 2021-beta1 releases. Things are mostly in place and ready to go, but there are just a few last boxes we want to check off before getting things out the door. As such, both releases are somewhat delayed. Expect the 2020.4 release on Monday or Tuesday, and, hopefully, the 2021-beta1 release within a day or so after that. This is my first time managing a release, so part of the fault of the delay belongs to me. Have a good weekend in the meantime!


Joe Jordan?

Software Architect

PDC Center for High Performance Computing

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden?

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