[gmx-developers] Some heavy GitLab issue reorganisation / cleanup - more work to do

Eric Irrgang ericirrgang at gmail.com
Mon Oct 25 15:13:16 CEST 2021

Issue #3888 is a simple example of a "policy" decision that changes one hard-and-fast rule into another hard-and-fast rule. Of course, between Roland, Szilard, and Andrey, an MR could have been submitted and approved without an accompanying issue. I agree with the issue participants that this would have been the wrong way to proceed.

It seems like something that could have gotten an easy up-or-down vote at one of the biweekly telcos. It can be hard to get people to weigh in one way or the other, though, and we're even worse at rejecting proposals than we are at accepting them.

> On Oct 25, 2021, at 9:14 AM, Erik Lindahl <erik.lindahl at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
>> On Mon, Oct 25, 2021 at 3:13 AM Schulz, Roland <roland.schulz at intel.com> wrote:
>> Some of the issues are really just questions whether this should happen or not (e.g. https://gitlab.com/gromacs/gromacs/-/issues/3888).
>> Instead of creating an issue, should we ask on this mailing-list? Or what is the recommended way to ask whether the community wants to see a specific MR?
> Just my opinion, but I think the key is that we need to be a bit flexible and find strategies that means we get to closure (pun intended) on issues :-)
> For trivial stuff it's probably easiest to just create a MR, and unless people really dislike it, it will go right in.

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