[gmx-developers] Important: Prepare anything you want to discuss at the Tuesday developer meeting

Erik Lindahl erik.lindahl at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 09:15:57 CET 2022


We are going to try and be a bit more structured for our quarterly
developer meetings to avoid having a few topics take >50% of the time,
and/or many developers not being in the loop of a particular feature, and
in particular avoid spending an hour discussing something with the only
outcome that we spent an hour discussing it :-)

In particular, this means we all have some preparations to do for anything
you want to discuss!

1. If you have something you want to discuss, make sure there is a GitLab
issue for it, and that this issue is marked with the label "Discuss::2022
winter meeting".

2. In each such issue, we need a brief description of what the issue is
(understandable to anybody in the project, not just the people working on a
particular feature), what the things that need to be discussed are (and
why), and what the proposed outcome/decision of the discussion is. This has
to be ready by Monday March 14, so Paul & I can make a schedule.

3. For any item people want to discuss, the owner/maintainer/submitter will
be asked to make a max 5 minute introduction - typically with a few slides.
We only have 3h for all the items we want to cover, including some joint
planning & coffee, so these discussions will need to be kept short and to
the point.

4. General discussion items should result in a decision at the meeting,
after which the issue is either closed or turned into a concrete
development effort, with somebody assigned and a milestone.

5. If resources for development, discussions or code review are needed from
other developers, please estimate what those are, and e.g. what code review
effort for other merge requests you can offer in return - but be aware that
will likely need to go to other subprojects, not merely directly related
MRs :-)

See you on Tuesday afternoon - Paul will mail out details about the room.



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