[gmx-users] GMXRC fixes

Erik Lindahl erik at theophys.kth.se
Sat Aug 18 16:30:59 CEST 2001


I've fixed the problems experienced with GMXRC and older
versions of zsh/bash. Sorry for that, I only tested the very
latest versions available on my debian box.

Actually, I've separated the scripts as Ben wished too ;-)

GMXRC is an entirely optional wrapper that detects your shell
(not trivial with /bin/ps if SHLVL>1, so it's still shell code).
The actual settings are in GMXRC.csh, GMXRC.bash and GMXRC.zsh.

All of them are installed. You can continute to use GMXRC if you
want to, or copy & edit the individual scripts.

There are a couple of other minor issues I've fixed too
(e.g compiles with -lmpi on SGI, improved as intel syntax check),
so I'm bumping to revision 3.0.1 and releasing new files.

(No reason to upgrade unless you experienced problems)



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