[gmx-users] Re:[gmx-users]compilation arror on SGI Octane2

Markus Metz Markus_Metz at excite.com
Fri Dec 7 17:03:03 CET 2001

Hello again,

I should add, that Fortran and C compilers are installed.

Thank you,


Hi all, 

I am trying to compile Gromacs 3.0 on an SGI Octane2 with the operating
system IRIX 6.5.12. 
The installation of fftw libraries has been successful. 
But when I am running ./configure to install Gromacs I get the following
error message: 
checking for C compiler default output ... configure:error: C compiler 
cannot create executables 

I ran the following command: 
setenv CPPFLAGS -I/usr/include 
setenv LDFLAGS -L/usr/lib 

/usr/include and /usr/lib are the directories where the fftw libraries are
located (I think this is not necessary to specify). 

Did somebody encounter such a problem? 
I tried to follow exactly the installation procedure. 

Thank you , 


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