[gmx-users] Executables and Congratulations

Erik Lindahl erik at theophys.kth.se
Thu Dec 20 16:48:37 CET 2001

Mehmet Suezen wrote:

> Hi All,
> I have successfully compiled gromacs with fftw and MPI. But even I have
> specify exec directory
> after all mdrun executable created under
> /home/suezen/gromacs-3.0.5/src/kernel/ not
> in /home/suezen/MDcodes/gromacs/linux.
> ./configure --prefix=/home/suzen/MDcodes/gromacs --enable-mpi
> --enable-share --disable-float
> --exec-prefix=/home/suzen/MDcodes/gromacs/linux
> Is this what I should expect? I would not expect it, as far as I
> understand from the documentation?

Hi Mehmet,

You'll have to run a 'make install' command too - that will put everything
in place.

(This is gnu standard - I think the idea is that you should be able to
compile yourself, and once everything is working you just tell your
system administrator to run 'make install' in your source directory)



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