[gmx-users] OS X compiling woes

Erik Lindahl lindahl at stanford.edu
Wed Apr 10 19:26:59 CEST 2002

Kenneth P. Murphy wrote:

>     I'm having difficulty getting GROMACS     to compile under Mac OS 
> X.  I get through the configuration process OK, including the changes 
> necessary to avoid the sed errors.  However, when I run make, I get 
> numerous errors regarding header files.  The error messages are:
> ../../include/<file>.h:46: undefined or invalid # directive
> I'd appreciate any suggestions on how to fix this.

Hi Kenneth,

I haven't had any problems compiling it on 10.1.2, but I didn't set up 
the Mac so there might be differences in installed compilers, etc.

To have a look at it I'd need to know

1) Your gromacs version
2) The name of one of the files giving you the error (Or the exact error 
message), so I can check the contents of that file.



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