[gmx-users] Problem with -shell parameter of genbox

Erik Lindahl lindahl at stanford.edu
Thu Aug 15 19:24:38 CEST 2002

Nicolas Michel wrote:
> In early days I installed a redhat 5.2 on a small partition of my little 
> system (dualboot W95/Linux then W98/Linux) and I wasn't able to compile 
> big program...
> Then I change my PC and don't have had time to replace the system but I 
> plan to do so... (by the way is there a really good distribution for 
> gromacs? I think I will install RedHat 7.3 or Debian...)

It should compile everywhere. If you want to use the RPM packages, 
RedHat is probably easiest; unfortunately RedHat decided to make 7.x
partly incompatible with the rest of the linux world, but we still have
to make the packages on redhat since that's what the majority of people 
are running. Once all distributions are using gcc-3.x the compatibility
problem should be over!



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