[gmx-users] MSD again

Lars Poulsen lpoulsen at chem.au.dk
Tue Feb 12 17:22:05 CET 2002

Once again I have to bother you all with more questions about g_msd and g_analyze, since I still don't think I understand the output of the programs.

As an illustration, I have attached an analysis of the same trajectory by both g_msd and g_analyze (jpg-files). It's a trajectory of one oxygen molecule in a glassy polymer.

The output of g_msd doesn't look like a MEAN SQUARE displacement (<|r(t)-r(0)|^2>) to me, it looks more like the simple displacement of the molecule (|r(t)-r(0)|). Or am I wrong?

g_analyze gives a nice smooth curve, but it only uses half the trajectory. When calculating the ACF, I can use the -acflen flag to change this, but it doesn't seem to work for the msd output. What am I doing wrong?

More important is the question: which program can I trust, g_analyze or g_msd? What are people's experiences with calculating MSD using either g_msd or g_analyze?

mvh Lars 
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