[gmx-users] itp file

jozef hritz hritz at tom.fos.su.se
Wed Feb 13 16:33:33 CET 2002

I would like to ask for 'gromacs philosophy' from the point of itp file.
On the 97th page in gromacs manual is described urea.itp file. 
It contains atom types and some parameters (e.g. bonds), but don't have
contain all needed.

top file looks like:
#include "ffgmx.itp"
#include "urea.itp"

Does it mean that for defined parameters in urea.itp they are taken into
account (has urea.itp higher priority like ffgmx.itp?) and others
(missing in urea.itp) are contructed on the base of atom types(defined in 
urea.itp) from ffgmx.itp? 



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