[gmx-users] New loop.

Mehmet Suezen suzen at theochem.tu-muenchen.de
Thu Feb 21 11:38:54 CET 2002

Dear Gromacs Developers/Users,

My efforts are focused for adding  a new nonbonded potential. For this
reason I have indroduced two new
loops inl0500, and inl1500. But At compilation time I'm receiving
following error.
oll-all-loops -Wall -Wno-unused -malign-double -c innerc.c
-Wp,-MD,.deps/innerc.TPlo -o innerc.o
innerc.c:2692: conflicting types for `inl0500'
inner.h:159: previous declaration of `inl0500'
innerc.c: In function `inl0500'

FUNC appeared in src/gmxlib/fnbf.c and src/gmxlib/inner.h have the same
arguments and I couldn't
figure out which data types creating this conflict. I have checked
generated source innerc.c, and
new potential's arguments appears to be correct, at least number of
parameters and their names.
If you are interested I could send complete list of changes I applied to
source.(about 27 different routines)

Maybe I am missing someting. Doing some stupid changes in the code.

Any idea would be great help.



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