[gmx-users] Compiling on SGI

Erik Lindahl lindahl at stanford.edu
Thu Jan 24 03:02:53 CET 2002

Luca Monticelli wrote:

> Hi Erik
> I found no problem in the configure script phase, so I decided to be very
> rude: I modified the configure script in this way
> #     xCFLAGS="-O3 -Ofast"
>      xCFLAGS="-O3"
> and now it seems to be working. I have no idea if the compiled mdrun will
> be slower
> cheers
> luca

Hi Luca,

I've already changed this for the upcoming 3.1. It was actually intended for
the sgi cc on ia64, but since that compiler ceased to be we don't need it anymore

Thanks for the notice,


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