[gmx-users] installing gromacs - segmentation fault

Sidney Elmer sidnasty at stanford.edu
Thu Jun 6 03:43:48 CEST 2002


I am a new user to Gromacs and I am trying to install the full package
on my laptop.  It's a Sony R505DL with a Pentium 3 processor (new
model).  I've run the configure script, followed by make, and then "make
install".  I've saved the logs of each step to make sure there are no
errors or warnings, and I see none.  Each step seems to run smoothly,
but then when I try to execute any of the programs (mdrun, grompp,
genbox, pdb2gmx, etc) they all give me a segmentation fault before any
initialization takes place.  I've seen this happen before when the stack
is full, but I have 256M of RAM, so I'm assuming this is not the
problem.  Any help with this would be appreciated.


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