[gmx-users] compiling 3.1

David L. Bostick dbostick at physics.unc.edu
Fri Mar 1 17:48:20 CET 2002

Hi, I have probably a silly question, but I am trying to compile 3.1 and I
get the following error,
to/programs/lib/fftw_try2/include -O6 -fomit-frame-pointer
-finline-functions -Wall -Wno-unused -malign-double -funroll-all-loops -c
fnbf.c -MT fnbf.lo -MD -MP -MF .deps/fnbf.TPlo -o fnbf.o
In file included from fnbf.c:57:
../../include/detectcpu.h:81:22: x86_sse2.h: No such file or directory
make[3]: *** [fnbf.lo] Error 1
I look for the header, "x86_sse2.h" in the include directory, but I cant
find it in the distribution.  I find "x86_sse.h" and "x86_3dnow.h" but not
the sse2 one.  Shouldn't it be there?


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