[gmx-users] parallel problem

Erik Lindahl lindahl at stanford.edu
Fri Mar 1 19:39:03 CET 2002

jozef hritz wrote:

> >  But Which MPI implementation and version are you using? MPICH has
> >  built-in debugger tools to see where the problem has occured. I'm also
> >  assuming you gave hostnames properly.
> >  But as DAvid  suggested just compile it LAM-MPI.
> I would like to ask if it is posible to install LAM-MPI on cluster on
> which is already installed MPICH. Could on such cluster run some
> application using MPICH and other using LAM-MPI in the same time?

Sure - I'm not an expert on either since I have access to IBM
supercomputers, but in principle they do not interact at all. Even if you
have daemons running they are almost certainly on different ports.

There is an experimental version of LAM that supports interoperable MPI, but
since MPICH doesn't do it you can't mix the two yet. When this works,
though, you should be able to run e.g. a job with 10 cpus, where 4 use



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