[gmx-users] gromacs3.1 rpm

Michel Fodje michel.fodje at mbfys.lu.se
Wed Mar 13 09:24:23 CET 2002

> >gromacs-3.1.1-1 requires libexpat.so.1
> >gromacs-3.1.1-1 requires libfontconfig.so.1
> >gromacs-3.1.1-1 requires libgdkxft.so.0

GDKxft (a GTK anti-alias font hack) is the culprit here! It terribly
pollutes the build environment. It is probably installed on the machine
on which those binaries were produced.  Every binary you produce on said
machine will depend on these libraries.

--nodeps should work. Better still just build from srpm.


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