[gmx-users] re: help for gromacs tools

bxiong bxiong at mail.shcnc.ac.cn
Thu Nov 28 02:03:45 CET 2002

Dear    David & all:
thanks, David. I write a small program to cat the all *.ego.pdb file to the one *.pdb , each has a MODEL 1(2,...) begin with the ATOM and end with ENDMDL. but I don't know how the gromacs tools work?
1,  is the tpr  necessary?  and I find the *.tpr can use other file format (such as pdb ....). If It can use the pdb format,  I think the question become easy.
2,  and if I provide a correct *.idx file. It can work well?
thank you !! 


Best regards for you!

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