[gmx-users] lipid.itp with gromacs3.1.4

Xu Yong yxu at mail.shcnc.ac.cn
Wed Oct 30 06:38:19 CET 2002

hi, all
Does anyone use Gromacs-3.1.4 to do some lipid/protein simulation?
When I do grompp with only popc128a.pdb system, I encounter a  Fatal error: Found a second directive: ./lipid.itp line 9. 
this line is the first line of lipid [ atomtypes ] option : "LO ***  ** ** A *** *** OPLS"
Does anyone encounter the same problem, and how to solve it? Would you like give me the system.top, lipid.itp, ffgmx.itp ffgmxnb.itp and ffgmxbon.itp files? which files should be included and which lines should be deleted.

any reply would be  appreciated!

Best Regard 				

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