[gmx-users] PRODRG running locally

Alexandre Suman de Araujo asaraujo at if.sc.usp.br
Wed Sep 18 20:57:28 CEST 2002

Dear GMXers

Some days ago I saw a message here talking about how to give a copy of
PRODRG to run it locally. In the message, there was a e-mail address(I think
it's the e-mail of Daan) to ask about this copy. I sent a e-mail and didn't
have answer.
Do somebody know if it's really possible to get a copy of PRODRG?? If yes,
what I need to do??
Another thing... with PRODRG running locally, can I configure it to write
topology files with hydrogens???

Thank you guys

Alexandre Suman de Araujo
IFSC - USP - São Carlos
UIN: 6194055

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