[gmx-users] Pressure coupling type for Biomembrane simulation

Eric Jakobsson jake at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Wed Dec 31 16:24:01 CET 2003

I think there is no reason for having cross-terms (xy/yx, etc.)

For bilayers, there is a string of published papers about whether the 
surface tension should be zero or non-zero (i.e., should the pressure in 
the normal direction be different from that in the membrane 
plane.).  And--if it is non-zero, how large should it be?  I think the 
issue is not resolved, but using 1 atmosphere all the way around will be at 
least sort of o.k., and nobody will get mad at you---for bilayers.  For 
monolayers, the surface tension is clearly non-zero, as one can measure it 
in the Langmuir trough experiments, so in monolayer simulations the 
pressure in the membrane plane should be non-zero, and in fact should be 

At 06:55 PM 12/30/2003 -0600, you wrote:
>Dear Gromacs mailing list:
>I am doing the biomembrane simulaiton, I am wondering that now the experts
>in the Biomembrane simulations deal with the pressure coupling type for
>Biomembrane simulation. Using pcoupltype as isotropic or anisotropic, which
>one is more physiological reasonable? Also if choosing the anisotropic, what
>should be the 6 pressure scaling values needed for xx, yy, zz, xy/yx, xz/zx
>and yz/zy components respectively.
>Thank you very much in advance.
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