[gmx-users] More Athlon talk

Alan Wilter Sousa da Silva alan at biof.ufrj.br
Wed Feb 19 21:50:11 CET 2003

Hi Justin.

I am concerned about Athlons XP overheating and I am suggesting to others
at least PIV northwood.  Xeon would be great, but only for those who can
afford it.

What's MPS 1.1, 1.4?

Well, from my experience with Athlons in cluster with mosix, memory has
been always the problem.  Although I believe it's a consequence of

Which's brand of your PC-266 DDR?
Have you used MemTest86?  Great to check memory.

On 19 Feb 2003, Justin MacCallum wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> thanks for all of the responses. Here is some more info.
> - All machines are dual MP 2200+ on Tyan Tiger MP 2466 motherboards.
> - All machines have registered PC-266 DDR Ram.
> - All machines are running MPS 1.1 instead of 1.4. We've had lots of
> problems with this on our PIII machines. They don't seem to like 1.4 at
> all.
> - The crashes happen with two single processor jobs. We actually didn't
> have lam setup on the machines for the first while and were still having
> problems.
> *** Two of the machines have reported processor mismatch errors on
> rebooting. This leads us to believe that they are overheated to the
> point that they don't work at all. After cooling off for a while they
> boot fine.
> So in summary, I think we have a serious cooling problem, although it is
> disturbing to see other people having problems when the temperature is
> fine... I guess we'll buy xeons next time :)
> Justin
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