[gmx-users] Segmentation fault

Yiannis nicolis at guideo.fr
Mon Jan 20 22:56:43 CET 2003

Le lundi, 20 jan 2003, à 08:33 Europe/Paris, K.A. Feenstra a écrit :

> By default, only a terminal interface is used. There is an X11 (Motif)
> interface to each program, but I don't know if that works on OSX (it
> should), and it isn't really fully functionaly anyway... :-(

Well it works (or to be precise it does not) for me under OSX exactly 
as under linux on Xeon, PIV or AMD/K6: in all cases the option -X 
brings up the motif window but when trying to choose the files in the 
different boxes, the filter does not show any file to select.


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