Scaling (was: Re: [gmx-users] Graphics card?)

Christian Burisch burisch at
Wed Jun 25 18:20:02 CEST 2003

Dallas Warren wrote:

Hi all,

> Scaling with the current version of GROMACS between computers is not the 
> best, even when high speed networks are used.  So to be the most 
> efficient a multi CPU motherboard is the way to go.

could you please explain what do you mean with "high speed networks"? 
Gigabit ethernet or its proprietary, low latency competitors?
I'm asking because we plan to buy a Myrinet cluster with Athlon MPs 
(AMD MPX chipset) or Xeon DPs (ServerWorks GC LE). The question is: 
Buy a few high clock/high price (e. g. Xeon DP 2.8 GHz) or many lower 
clock/low price CPUs (e. g. Athlon MP 2600+)?
BTW, is anybody out there with Xeons on Intel E7501 chipset systems? 
Are there any problems with Linux supporting the chipset?

Thanks in advance for your help


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