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Xavier Periole periole at inka.mssm.edu
Thu Jun 26 17:27:01 CEST 2003

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From: "Benjamin Goldsteen" <ben at physbio.mssm.edu>
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Subject: New virus going around

> There is a new virus (worm) going around the e-mail.  It appears as a Zip
> file titled "your_details.zip".  Inside there is a file called
> "details.pif".  Do not unzip this file.  Do not open the file inside
> (details.pif).  Do not run executables sent over the e-mail -- do not open
> files sent over e-mail that end in .COM, .EXE, .PIF, or .BAT unless you
> were expecting an executable from the recipient (as in, "Attached is a
> copy of the program that you requested" and you remember requesting that
> program).  Before opening any file, ask yourself why the sender is sending
> you that file.
> http://vil.mcafee.com/dispVirus.asp?virus_k=100429
> As good practice for protecting your computer and its data:
> -Do not share your C: drive (Mac users should not share their entire "My
> Computer").  Consider just sharing one subdirectory or at most your D:
> drive for those of you who have D: drives.
> -Your day-to-day account should have the minimum privileges required to
> run the applications you need to run.  Ideally this is the "Users" (not
> "Power Users" or "Administrators") group in Windows2000.
> -Maintain an up-to-date virus scanner on your PC and do not disable it
> during normal operation.  Normally, we recommend McAfee VirusScan
> (currently at version 7).
> Benjamin Z. Goldsteen
> Physiology & Biophysics
> Mount Sinai School of Medicine
> 212-241-1614 / 212-860-3369 (FAX)

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