[gmx-users] cluster newbie --> gromacs + openmosix ?

Mike Grommet mgrommet at elucidations.net
Sat May 31 00:08:01 CEST 2003


I've been asked to assist a friend doing medical research in setting up a small cluster to run gromacs...  

I'm trying to set him up something fairly easy to use, and especially easy to add new nodes to over time and have recently stumbled upon knoppix and Clusterknoppix which appear to have a really nice openmosix install and support for diskless clients with no extra configuration.

I guess my question is two fold at this point
a)  will gromacs benefit from an openmosix environment (some old messages in the list archives from a year ago seem to say no, but again that was a year ago)
b)  if not, is there a nice alternative in another free (as in beer) package that would fit along these lines?

I have absolutely no problem digging in up to my armpits, but I'm curious if I'm starting off on the right or wrong foot, and a shove in the right direction wouldn't hurt.
I've got a sysadmin background (bsd mostly, but some linux) and am not the least bit scared to get in under the hood. 

Thanks for any suggestions...  they are extrememly appreciated.

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