[gmx-users] duplicate the lipid bilayer

Yuhua Song yhsong at ccb.wustl.edu
Mon Oct 27 19:25:01 CET 2003


I dowload 64 DPPC lipid bilayer from Peter Teileman's website. I intend to
have a ~200 DPPC or 256DPPC bilayer. In the mailing list dated on July 10,
2003, titled "bilayers with genconf", it mentions that after geting a single
leaflet of 64 lipids, rotate and translate that leaflet to make the other
leaflet (editconf). But when I try using editconf to translate the 64 DPPC
lipid bilayer along x, y direction to try to get the duplicated 256 DPPC
bilayer, I did not make it work. First no translation option in "ediconf",
Does someone has the better way to duplicate the lipid bilaye to get the
bigger DPPC lipid bilayer?

Thank you very much.


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