[gmx-users] duplicate the lipid bilayer

Rainer Boeckmann rainer at bioc.unizh.ch
Mon Oct 27 19:33:00 CET 2003

editconf -center  will do it.
Center the first bilayer with -center 0 0 0, then the second patch with 
e.g. -center 0 box_y 0, the third with -center box_x 0 0, the fourth 
with -center box_x box_y 0 and the cat the pdb-files together...

Yuhua Song wrote:

>I dowload 64 DPPC lipid bilayer from Peter Teileman's website. I intend to
>have a ~200 DPPC or 256DPPC bilayer. In the mailing list dated on July 10,
>2003, titled "bilayers with genconf", it mentions that after geting a single
>leaflet of 64 lipids, rotate and translate that leaflet to make the other
>leaflet (editconf). But when I try using editconf to translate the 64 DPPC
>lipid bilayer along x, y direction to try to get the duplicated 256 DPPC
>bilayer, I did not make it work. First no translation option in "ediconf",
>Does someone has the better way to duplicate the lipid bilaye to get the
>bigger DPPC lipid bilayer?
>Thank you very much.
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