[gmx-users] Installing GROMACS on Windows

Michael Brunsteiner mbx0009 at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 24 18:27:00 CEST 2004

> Several days ago I managed to compile Gromacs 3.2.1 on Windows XP with the
> help of CygWin Tools (that means I used gcc 3.3). It is quite straightforward
> and avoids using not very efficient - in my oppinion - Visual C++ compiler.

I also compiled gromacs with gcc and cygwin. I found that 
the performance of the obtained mdrun is practically indistinguishable 
from its counterpart compiled with gcc under native linux.
However I would be very interrested if ever anyone has made
a direct comparison: 
Gromacs on windows compiled with MS Visual C versus gcc/cygwin.
Anybody out there who made such a comparison ??

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