[gmx-users] Re: How to enable fortran inner loops in Itanium 2

Marco Matthies marco at moinmarco.de
Thu Dec 30 06:04:40 CET 2004


you could always try out the CVS version, though i don't have the 
slightest clue if it's stable at the moment and if IA-64 assembly inner 
loops actually work as I don't have an Itanium :) But there are 
directories and there is code in them, so you might want to give it a shot.


Ahh, i just wish I had one of those... but Santa crossed that one off my 
wishlist ;)

Happy New Year,


Michel Cuendet wrote:
> Hi,
>>> I have read the following in the website of gromacs. Recently I want 
>>> to compile the gromacs code in our Itanium 2(1.G) cluster, but I find 
>>> that the efficient is less than the Petiume 4 cpu(2.8G). I think if I 
>>> can enable the fortran inner loops, It may be fast than the Petiume 4 
>>> right? Can anyone tell me how to enable it?
>> ./configure --enable-fortran
>> It will not be faster than P4.
> It would be much faster with the itanium2 assembly loops. I've been 
> desperately
> waiting for them. The worst part is that they are already implemented, 
> and I've
> been crying and begging for them, but they are waiting next version of 
> gromacs
> to release them.... If there is a running beta version somewhere, or a 
> doable
> way to hack it into an existing version, please, gromacs developpers, 
> let us know !!
> Cheers, happy new year,
> Michel Cuendet

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