[gmx-users] How about gmx-forum?

Marc Baaden baaden at smplinux.de
Sat Jan 10 22:42:01 CET 2004

>>> David said:
 >> in reply to Semen who said:
 >> > It depends. For example our institution doesn't
 >> > provide POP3 mail boxes. All mail is essentially
 >> > web-based and brousing through the mailing list is
 >> > simply a pain! 
 >> > I understand that UNIX people used to use mailing
 >> > lists, but they seems to be erm... slightly outdated
 >> > now.
 >> Hm, strange reasoning... Web based mail is a pain, but mailing lists,
 >> which you can conveniently sort directly into different folders with a
 >> modern mail reader like Evolution, are outdated? You'd better give your
 >> instution some shit for not providing normal e-mail facilities...

Can I definitely second that !!

In particular if you get the habit to subscribe to several
mailing lists, there is a big difference between using one
mail reader to get an overall info once and for all or having
to browse through 5-10 different forums which is hugely time

I think that mailing lists - if used correctly, that is with a
proper program - are definitely the best way to handle information,
in particular if the people using the lists follow some basic rules
(eg email=text message and not attachment or html and such).
Also: every respectable mail reader supports threads (in response
to one of Semen's remarks)


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