[gmx-users] renicing / setting priorities under windows

Erik Lindahl lindahl at csb.stanford.edu
Tue Mar 2 18:37:01 CET 2004

>> Has the -nice option of the mdrun command any
>> effect on a gmx job running on windows ?

No, windows doesn't support unix-style job prioprites, so it's ignored. 
Mac OS X is a unix platform, so there it works, though.

>> if not can you think of any alternative to control
>> the priority of a job on a windows computer (preferably
>> from the command line) ??
> Look for Mikael Olsson's runprio at simtel.net. It should work with 
> Win2k and worse ;-) but I don't know about WinXP.

If anybody has a tested example of adjusting run priorities on windows 
(for both MSVC and gcc compilers) I'd be happy to include it :-)



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