[gmx-users] mpicc build problems - /usr/bin/ld: BFD 20020207 assertion fail elf-strtab.c:262

Cliff Addison C.Addison at liverpool.ac.uk
Thu Mar 11 15:51:01 CET 2004

Dear All: I am trying to build the mpi version of gromacs-3.2.1 to work 
with the local MPI on our Beowulf cluster (mpich-1.2.4 built on top of  
SCore 5.4.0) and am running into the above linker problem. I get an 
executable, but am given a "No such file or directory" message when I 
attempt execution.

Some relevant background:

Linux:                 2.4.20-18.9smp (Redhat 9)
C compiler:         gcc version 2.96 20000731 (Red Hat Linux 7.3 2.96-110)
ld version:           GNU ld version 20020207

The sequential build with the same compiler and loader appears to be OK 
(at least the demo and water test codes work).

The MPI build with fftw appears to be working OK (128x128x128 test on 4 
processors ran).

The configuration used was:

 ./configure  --disable-x86-asm --enable-mpi --program-suffix=_mpi

(I've tried disabling threads, building without X and a few other things 
as well without success.)

This is an AMD Athlon system and either of  the GNU gcc or Portland 
compiler families are supported with MPI.  I'm using gcc because I think 
this builds better code than the Portland C compiler. The reverse is 
true for Fortran, but that's not relevant.

Has anyone seen a similar problem before? Any suggestions?

Thanks very much.

Cliff Addison

Cliff Addison
Computing Services Department
University of Liverpool
Liverpool L69 3BX

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