Antw: [gmx-users] how do u convert .xvg figures to .eps?

Peter Friedel friedel at
Mon Mar 22 08:15:01 CET 2004

hallo, mario,
I think, that I can help you. In such cases I use the platform independent tools awk, sed and gnuplot.
with awk (and, if needed sed) I transform the xvg file into a gnuplot readable data file (exchanging the @ letter to # letter). then I read it into gnuplot, perform something for a better view and plot the file not to the x11 screen, but to the postscript file. gnuplot has a lot of help tools inside.
if you need more help, please feel free to email me.
sincerely, peter

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>>> kurtz219 at 19.03.04 14.57 >>>
Hi, i need to convert the .xvg format (used by gmx
when producing plots) in .eps format (used by the word
formatter Latex). How is it possible to do that?
- mario

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