[gmx-users] flying water on monolayer

eric jakobsson jake at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Sun Nov 14 23:49:37 CET 2004

Water does indeed have a non-zero vapor pressure--even simulated water.

At 11:10 AM 11/12/2004, you wrote:

> > Hi all (sorry for send it again),
> > I'm simulating a monolayer in gromacs 3.2.1. I have a brief question
> > that maybe someone more experimented has just due with. The fact is that
> > everything seems to be all right except that some waters (6 of 20000)
> > fly away from the bottom of the layer of water under the monolayer till
> > reach the the top of the monolayer ( I'm using periodic conditions xyz),
> > some of them remain there some time then they come back to the water
> > layer but in fact there's always an average of water molecules in the
> > top of my monolayer. The  force field that I'm using is GROMACS (
> > gromos-87 + extended) and the water are SPC. That's normal? there's any
> > way to fix it? There are any  significant change for that I have to take
> > in consideration?
> >
> > Thank you, Hector
> >
>Hi Hector.
>There are two ways to solve this:
>1) To impose a potential that keeps the waters in the bulk.
>2) To replicate another monolayer in the "top" and to enlarge the Z 
>so the lipid tails will only see vacuum:
>                      vacuum
>                      tails
>                      headgroups
>                      water
>                      headgroups
>                      tails
>                      vacuum
>In this case, even with periodic boundary conditions in Z, tails from the two
>monolayers will not see each other.
>Pedro Alexandre Lapido Loureiro
>Laboratório de Física Biológica
>Instituto de Biofísica
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