[gmx-users] dssp problem

Osmair Vital de Oliveira osmair at qt.dq.ufscar.br
Mon Oct 4 15:38:13 CEST 2004

Hi Smith,

In  /usr/local/bin/ do:

mv dsspcmbi dssp


>  dear all,

I have installed the directory dsspcmbi itself in /usr/local/bin/.
I downloaded the program from cmbi and put the directory in the above area.The readme says to compile by typing ./dsspcmbigcc for linux systems and then execute.
 But his does not work for a single pdb itself.

any help regarding this is welcome.


>>dear users,
>>I installed the dsspcmbi.zip program in usr/local/bin/ area.unziped it and compiled for linux system
>>*I set the path as setenv DSSP  /usr/local/bin/dsspcmbi
>Is that the location of the binary, or the directory. E.g., your dssp program
>may be at /usr/local/bin/dsspcmbi/dssp or /usr/local/bin/dssp ?

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