[gmx-users] Creating water slabs on bilayer headgroups

fsaadedi at staffmail.ed.ac.uk fsaadedi at staffmail.ed.ac.uk
Tue Aug 9 13:20:47 CEST 2005

Dear Users,

I am having trouble creating water slabs around the hydrophillic regions of my
bilayer.  My bilayer size is approximately 8 7 6 nm in length.  I have 
tried to
use genbox to vary the positioning of the spc molecules in my system ( 
which is
9 8 7 nm) but with no success.

I have read the Mukhopadhyay paper and it does not mention how it they created
their water slabs.

If anyone knows the commands for creating the water slabs on the bilayer
headgroups it would be most appreciated.


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