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Campbell Millar c.millar at elec.gla.ac.uk
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Hi Jiqing,

The flag to compile statically is --enable-all-static which you pass to 

  Try ./configure --help to get a list of the flags that it accepts.

The other way is to pass -static (or whatever one is correct for your 
compiler) to the linker. You can do this by setting the LDFLAGS 
environment variable to whatever flags you need, plus -static (at least 
for gcc).



On 13 Dec 2005, at 01:58, 主月 :) wrote:

> Hi:
> Your suggestion is "re-compile gromacs statically with the -static 
> flag. This builds the
> libraries into the executable so they are not required to be loaded at
> runtime.
> " , Do you mean that "./configure -static flag" ?
> It says "cann't recognize -static"! I need your further help.
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