[gmx-users] Help me

raj kumar srajkumar2005 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 08:23:01 CET 2005


            Hi I am Rajkumar a postgraduate Diploma student of
Bioinformatics here at Sai's Biosciences Research Institute Pvt.
Ltd,Chennai, India.I have almost finished my course work and I am
working on my project works now. I have my project in molecular
dynamics simulation. For this I started learning Gromacs
(www.gromacs.org) and how to  use it. I have been able to repeat a
simulation of a protein and analyze of simulation with Gromacs. My
plan is to work on the MD simulation of protein by using Gromacs
software. I am not so lucky to find somebody at this department who be
able to help me on  this subject. I am searching a problem for my
master dissertation.  I would be grateful if you can help me in this
matter. All the suggestion  comments are welcome.  plz help in this
area this project is important in my feature works.

plz complete producer for gromacs notes and how to use and which topic
i selected. Plz sent it list of topics i'm not well in this area.Help
me plz replay immediate

Thanking you,

Kindly Regards,
P.G.Diploma in Bioinformatics,
Sai's Biosciences Research Institute Pvt, Ltd,
Tamil Nadu,

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