[gmx-users] DNA/RNA records for OPLS, part II

Andrey V. Golovin golovin at genebee.msu.su
Tue Mar 8 19:30:28 CET 2005

We refresh some files about DNA/RNA records to OPLS. 
On force field page of www.gromacs.org you can found this :

"We added DNA/RNA records to OPLS forcefield. Here you can download version
with RESP charges (from Amber). We tested this one more or less. Results you
can found at:
http://rnp-group.genebee.msu.su/3d/oplsa_ff.html. At that page you can find
forcefield with another charges, but this one is not tested.
Recently we added 3` and 5` end residues. Scripts that fix pdb to make them
compatible with pdb2gmx are here: fixpdb_dna and fixpdb_rna
This scripts also works with NA-protein complexes."
Best regards, Andrey
Andrey V. Golovin
Ph.D,Professor assistant    tel: +7 (095) 939-5305  
Bioengineering and
Bioinformatics Department              
Moscow State University     fax: +7 (095) 939-3181
119899 Moscow            E-mail: golovin at genebee.msu.su
Russia                      web: http://rnp-group.genebee.msu.su

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